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Making sure your crypto is always yours.

At BESSEMER INVESTOR SERVICES, INC we use air-gapped, in house servers to recover the lost or forgotten passwords to cryptocurrency wallets.

Our clients come to us with a problem – for one reason or another, they have lost access to their crypto asset wallets. We all forget passwords, its just a part of life. But losing the password to your Bitcoin core wallet (for example) is a lot different than getting locked out of your email.

With no “reset password” button and very little support online it can feel like you are out of options and out of luck. You are not.

We live and breathe blockchain and cybersecurity

We have connections to law enforcement, attorneys, regulators, blockchain companies, ICOs, high profile individuals, executives, crypto VC firms, exchanges and other entities in the cyber space. We are fighting cyber crime on a daily basis.

CRD#: 17442
SEC#: 8-35199