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Paulson Walock

I had forgotten my password on an old BTC wallet and so I had Bessemer Service recommended to me. An impeccable level of service throughout and thankfully they managed to piece together my ideas of what it could be and unlocked my wallet. I can't recommend them highly enough


Bessemer Agency team are truly the real gem in the community. I will admit that I was hesitant to try the service as it requires a lot of trust outright, but I am so glad I made the decision to do it. It was all or nothing for me, as I'd lost a lot of bitcoin that are in the wallet. They managed to retrieve the password in less than 4 hours. MAGIC. I had my recovery seed and a good-ish idea of the password, so I guess I am somewhat lucky, but without AV agency service, I would've never recovered it as I lack the knowledge and ability. Best. Decision. Ever.

Dr. Frazani

Great Service. Great response time. Trust me when I say if youre reading this, youve got that feeling in your gut that makes you want to beat someone's face into the ground if it would retrieve your coins. It was life changing for me. But Bessemer Investors Service was great and discreet; Its not easy handing total strangers access to your private life, its goes against everything I know. They are quite the best, I cant say enough good things.

Ryan Udinov

Hello friends
I'm really glad I met this Cryptojury Agency. They have really helped me recover over $350,000 I lost to online investment website. My excitment is their level of discretion. No risks involved, I onlypaid my 25% charge and it was sorted out for me into my blockchain within few days.
Thank you AVsecurity.

Pauline Carrierre

I wish every business operated with the transparency, integrity, and trust like Bessemer does with fund recovery service. With this agency, I felt in safe hands the entire time, the communication was impeccable and done with simple but high security via PGP. Bessemer Service fee is very reasonable and you can trust that he isn't ripping you off and running away with your tokens. Don't hesitate if you're reading this, it was worth it. He recovered the password and I was able to move funds off into my hardware wallet within 48 hours.

Kate Hudlestone

Bessemer Agency was excellent, managed to track down the bloody scammers, what was amazing is how fast they do it , don’t wait like us , we mucked around for a year trying to figure out what we had done wrong It’s not cheap but you get what u pay for Very satisfied & would recommend


When I forgot my passphrase the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach caused my body to go into a shock that was worst than what the governments lockdowns did.

But Bessemer Investors Service came to the rescue to relieve the stress of losing my entire stack of sats.

Kola Benson

I was reluctant to send my wallet to a random person on the internet at first, but after reading reviews and media mentions about Bessemer security I decided to take a leap of faith. And I'm glad I did it! This agency recovered my wallet password in a couple of days (admittedly, I gave him some very good hints in hindsight) and took the agreed 25% fee. I was able to send the remaining Dogecoins to my wallet. Absolutely recommended if you have an old wallet of which you forgot the password!